Confidence Training vs Life Coaching

People often times confuse our confidence trainers as a life coach, but the two are quite different.

A life coach is like a fire chief. Focused on a one-time result, putting out the fire, by aligning resources, developing a plan, monitoring progress, upholding accountability and not deviating from the plan until the fire is out.

An confidence trainer is like a fire investigator. Focused on sustainable results by identifying the root cause of the fire, providing knowledge, understanding, guidance and the tools to produce results now and prevent future fires.

A life coach will push a client to the desired result, while the confidence trainer walks beside the client, providing reassurance, guidance, knowledge and time to practice the skills necessary to achieve a sustainable outcome. When the client stops moving forward, the confidence trainer identifies the root cause of the reluctance and reinforces the skills to eliminate the reluctance, allowing the client to continue moving toward their desired outcome.

Our confidence trainers are a trusted advisor who listen, care and understand without judgment. They provide the knowledge and insight necessary for sustainable results. Our trainers know results do not come instantly and remain patient as the client gains awareness, strength and confidence.

Thanks again for meeting with me yesterday. I realize that I am probably a frustrating individual to deal with at times, and I appreciate your help, enthusiasm, and the fact that you do everything without judgement…… Laura S.