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Confidence Workshops
Our Confidence Workshops can be delivered in a one or two hour format. These presentations are inspiring, informative, and interactive. The audience gains an understanding of the root cause of the issues and learns simple strategies that will empower them with the confidence to resolve issues more easily. Choose from one of our popular topics, or we can custom-design a training for your audience. For more information or to schedule a Confidence Workshop for your audience call 608-221-2775 or email

Confidence Workshop Topics:
Bullies & Challenging People
Communicate For Results
Handling Transition & Change
Parenting In Today’s World
Resolving Conflict with Ease
Resolving Anger
The Root Cause of Depression
Saying No Without Guilt
Stop Being Triggered By Others
Succeed At Breaking Bad Habits
Taking Control Of Your Health
Understanding the Source of Stress & Anxiety

12 Weeks To A More Confident You
Over the course of 12 weeks your audience will learn:
1. How under-confidence negatively impacts our lives
2. Where we learned to be under-confident
3. Why at times we feel confident and in a snap of a finger we lose it
4. Gain the awareness of how our relationships reflect our level of confidence
5. Learn how to be confident in uncomfortable situations
6. Discover the root of conflict and the connection with under-confidence
7. Identify our learning style and how people of a different style can make us feel under-confident
8. How our level of confidence controls our behaviors that lead to our undesirable outcomes
9. How to be authentically confident in any situation
10. How confidence can resolve relationship challenges, parenting concerns, career frustrations, financial issues, health challenges and leisure

This 12 week class is an evidence-based program called The Empowerment Principles, developed by Dolores Kokinos.  The principles are based on over ten years of research in the psychology of human emotions and behavior. What sets our program apart from others on the market today is we have mastered the process of teaching people how to be confident and to break the  patterns that create negative outcomes.  Over the 12 weeks you will learn how to be in control of your confidence in every aspect of your life. Whether you are seeking improvements in your relationships, career, family, health, finances and/or leisure, let us help you be more confident because the foundation of happiness and success in your life is directly tied to your level of confidence.

Who Can Benefit:
1. Organizations seeking to improve employee engagement, retention, collaboration, loyalty, trust and resiliency.
2. Sports teams that want a competitive advantage by improving the mental mind game of the players.
3. Entrepreneurs needing to improve their market share.

For more information or to schedule this 12-Weeks To A More Confident You class for your audience call 608-221-2775 or email