About The Empowerment Principles

Dolores Kokinos, owner of The Empowerment Cafe, has developed an amazing tool, The Empowerment Principles, that helps people of all ages become more confident and self assured in any situation.

Adults and children alike are achieving amazing results in all areas of their life. It all started by learning the significance of The Empowerment Principles.  These powerful techniques are easy enough for a child to learn, yet comprehensive enough to resolve even the most complex situations.


What The Empowerment Principles Teaches: 
1. The root cause of behaviors and habits
2. How to identify under-utilized skills, talents & knowledge
3. The link between learning and communication styles
4. How to sustainably change behaviors
5. The hidden message behind admiration and envy
6. Five simple steps to resolve any conflict
7. The Four Interpersonal Relationship Traits
8. The significance of the Five Foundation Blocks
9. The Five Behavior Categories
10. The ladder To Manifestation
11. What’s at the bottom of procrastination and lack of motivation
12. Other people are a mirror
13. What controls emotions and feelings
14. The Circle of A Fulfilling Life


The Benefits:
1. Strengthen relationships in every area of life
2. Blend passion into everyday life
3. Be free of depression, anxiety, doubt, and fear
4. More quality time to enjoy life
5. Financial challenges dissolve
6. Health and self image improves
7. Eliminate challenges in the workplace, classroom, and at home
8. Trust and self-respect increases
9. And so much more!

This one-of-a-kind program equips you with the vital life skills to feel confident, self-assured, and assertive in any life situation.