About Us

Recipes That Enhance Daily Life

Welcome to The Empowerment Cafe. Our unique cafe serves up excellent recipes that enhance daily life, improve communication, strengthen relationships, increase happiness, health and financial well being. Our collection of recipes have been specially formulated making it easy enough for a child to follow, yet comprehensive enough to transform even the most complex life situations.

Each recipe incorporates our secret ingredients, The Empowerment Principles. The principles are a special blend and mix of the finest, most renowned confidence, empowerment and human behavior skills on the market today.

Specially Formulated For Ease and Speed

Our recipes remove the time and effort of getting the results you want, by providing the proper measurements of The Empowerment Principles and a step by step instruction guide. People of all ages and professions have benefited from our recipes since 2003. Recipes that, help disengaged students improve their attendance and grades, couples deepening their commitment to their relationship, divorced parents effectively communicating to better serve the needs of their children, are examples of our many recipes.

A Good Recipe, The Right Ingredients Produces Great Results

Having studied social and human behavior for over thirty years I know how difficult it can be to apply the knowledge being conveyed by the scholar. This became my motivation to create the Life Enhancing Recipes. Most people know what results they are trying to achieve, yet manifesting it can be challenging. A recipe removes the doubt of how to achieve the desired outcome. It is like baking a batch of cookies from scratch. Unless you have done it enough and have memorized the recipe, to ensure the success of a batch of cookies, a recipe is vital. The recipes from The Empowerment Cafe, provide the reassurance of a successful outcome, just like a cookie recipe ensures a great tasting cookie.

Filling The Hunger

Our recipes are taught as an Appetizer, Side Dish or as an Entree. An Appetizer gives a brief understanding of the topic and a quick overview of how to use the recipe. A Side Dish provides a deeper understanding of the topic and time to practice using the recipe. An Entree teaches all The Empowerment Principles, the ingredients necessary to achieve desired results. Desserts teach the techniques to properly mix and blend The Empowerment Principles into daily life. We offer our Life Enhancing Recipe trainings throughout the month and at various locations throughout our serving area, click here to view our coming events. Catering a recipe training for your group or organization is a great way to help them achieve their desired results.