Who we are and what we do:
The Empowerment Cafe is a corporate and personal development company that guides businesses, families, adults and youth to greater productivity and achievement by teaching awareness and confidence skills through The Empowerment Principles. Developed by Empowerment Cafe founder, Dolores Kokinos, The Empowerment Principles are life skill-building blocks and are the foundation of trainer-led comprehensive course in improving confidence and increasing self esteem.

The Empowerment Cafe seeks to positively impact peoples’ personal and professional lives by empowering them with vital life skills to believe in themselves, their potential and their worth.

How our clients benefit:
Adults are healthier, less stressed, experience more happiness, have more fulfilling careers. Their family life improves and they experience respectful, loving relationships. Adults learn skills to manage their financial responsibilities and free up time to pursue other opportunities, leisure and interests.
Children thrive in and outside of the classroom with heightened motivation, responsibility, focus and initiative.
Corporations experience a marked improvement in employee engagement, productivity, work quality, problem-solving, follow-through, employee and customer retention and improved profitability.
Entrepreneurs find success at balancing work and home life while achieving their business and financial goals.

Why we do it:
Our culture does not teach the vital skills of self confidence, high self esteem and self worth. The reality is, our culture indirectly teaches the opposite. When people are under confident, they become frustrated, discouraged, and disappointed. This leads to behaviors, habits and choices that negatively affects careers, education, relationships, emotional and physical health, wealth and social responsibility.

How we do it:
We offer a variety of services from our one-on-one confidence coaching, group coaching, team development and keynote speaking. Your organization can provide the venue or we can secure a venue for you.