The Empowerment Principles

The Empowerment Principles is a systematic approach and tool that teaches people of all ages how to increase their confidence in all areas of life. Our research has shown that attitudes, choices, behaviors and communication are directly related to self confidence. When a person is confident, their behaviors and interactions with others will be positive, respectful and collaborative. When a person is under confident, they will be conflictive, make poor choices, blame others, have an entitlement attitude or feel victimized.

Our research also indicates that a person can be confident in one situation and under confident in another. This causes a person to bounce back and forth between confident and under confident. This swing in confidence can happen within a second and last for a few minutes, or carry on for hours, days, weeks and even months.  This swing in confidence creates a variety of symptoms in a person’s life. For example, a person on the roller coaster of working out and eating healthy, to becoming overweight and unfit. Their confident side wants to be healthy and fit while their under confident side does not have a perceived value in being healthy. So the person gets on the roller coaster of signing up for fitness classes or joining a health club when they feel confident and stop attending when they slip into their under confidence. The Empowerment Principles brings an end to this bouncing back and forth and stabilizes the confidence.

This cycle of confidence and under confidence affects every aspect of life. In the work place under confidence takes on the traits of disengagement, reduce work performance, dissatisfied with career, conflict, poor attendance, turnover, lack of departmental cooperation, not meeting expectations, inconsistent productivity.  In relationships, common traits are unhappy relationships, divorce, affairs, fighting, working to much, substance abuse, lack of commitment, financial challenges, communication issues. For children the cycle takes on characteristics of inconsistency in grades, under achieving or over achieving, poor choices, disrespectful to adults, substance use, lack of interests, poor focus, isolation, hanging with wrong crowd. Under confidence signs in parenting appear as indecisiveness, going back on their word, yelling and fighting, setting consequences, poor communication and disconnected with the child’s life.

The inspiration behind the development of The Empowerment Principles was to break the cycle of under confidence by creating a tool that would be easy for children to use, yet comprehensive enough to increase confidence in the most complex situations. Since 2003 people of all ages, gender, ethnic, economic and professional backgrounds have benefited from the twenty year research that comprises the principles. Attendees commonly say, “brillant common sense approach to changing behaviors”, “the five blocks make is easy for anyone to understand why they are under confident”, “the mirror of admiration and envy are so critical to understanding my reactions to others”, “this is a training everyone should take, we should require this to be taught in the schools, including college”, “I wish I would have learned The Empowerment Principles when I was raising my children”, “a must training for managers”.

Learning The Empowerment Principles starts with a two day training, The Foundation of Self Confidence, that teaches all the principles. Individuals can attend one of our trainings held throughout the month or hire one of our trainers to bring the training to your group or organization. The next step to living confidently is to attend the Mastering Self Confidence classes. The Mastering Self Confidence classes are an essential step to learning how to apply The Empowerment Principles into every aspect of life. Clients have gained the quickest changes in their lives when they attended eight weekly Mastering Self Confidence classes immediately following the two day training. Attend the Mastering Self Confidence classes whenever guidance is needed to apply The Empowerment Principles into a specific situation in life. These classes are offered at a variety of days and time, online and in person. Mastery classes can be purchased in a block of 5 or 10 classes.


Thank you so much for helping me improve my life. Looking back over these two years I love the direction my life has taken and I owe much of that to you. You have a great gift, never forget that. Laura M.